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2023 Credit rating

Paradigm Maintains A+ credit rating with S&P

Paradigm Housing is pleased to confirm the retention of its A+ stable rating by S&P Global Ratings. In a recent update, S&P affirmed Paradigm’s rating and noted the company’s very strong management, strategic flexibility, and commitment to maintaining strong financial performance.

S&P Global Ratings noted Paradigm’s ability to prudently execute its business plan while effectively managing any undue pressure on its financial indicators.

“While we anticipate a slight weakening compared to our previous expectations, we remain confident that Paradigm’s financial indicators will continue to be in line with the current rating level,” stated the S&P Global Ratings report.

The company’s management is well-positioned to adapt its strategy, ensuring solid financial performance and liquidity. Paradigm remains committed to managing its financial headroom and flexibility to strike a balance amidst the challenges posed by lower adjusted EBITDA. By closely monitoring and proactively responding to market dynamics, Paradigm is poised to sustain its solid financial position.

“We are very pleased with our A+ stable rating affirmation from S&P,” said Nicola Ewen, Chief Financial Officer. “This recognition is a testament to the dedication and resilience of our entire team at Paradigm. We will continue to leverage our strong management, strategic flexibility, and commitment to financial stability to navigate the evolving landscape of our industry.”

Paradigm will continue its unwavering focus on making the best use of its resources to build new homes and provide an excellent service to their existing customers.

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Regulatory ratings

A financial health check by the Regulator has confirmed our G1/V1 rating for Governance and Financial Viability.

The G1/V1 rating means that Paradigm meets all governance requirements and has the financial capacity to deal with a wide range of adverse scenarios.

These regulatory ratings were last updated in December 2023. Please click here to view the latest judgement.