A Home for Christmas

Posted on the 18th December 2023

One-bed flats can be very cosy. They’re perfect for single people, or even new couples even though storage can be a challenge. But when there’s three or even four of you crammed into a single-bed flat, something has to give.

Introducing Mr and Mrs B.

Mrs B is a full-time healthcare assistant, and Mr B. is a stay-at-home dad who looks after their two children, a five year old boy and three year old girl. For the past five years, the couple have been renting privately in High Wycombe in a single-bed flat while waiting for something to become available on the local authority’s housing wait list. With four people and just one bedroom, the couple decided that a sitting room area was a luxury they couldn’t afford, so they changed the lounge area into their own bedroom, with the children sharing the only official sleeping space. It’s never great to have to share your bedroom with the kitchen, and a place to eat together was completely out of the question. The option of upgrading their private rental was also not on the table, with prices way too high.

After more than five years on a waiting list, the family’s time had come. Bucks council put them forward for a home, and the Paradigm Lettings team kicked into gear. Within weeks, we found the family a new two-bed house in High Wycombe, which they instantly snapped up. After handing in their notice, the family was handed the keys to their new home less than four weeks later.

The family got an extra surprise when it turned out that the Paradigm team had fitted a smart new bathroom into the house, and left some beautiful wooden flooring in the sitting room. According to Mrs B. the new place is going to make a big difference to their lives.

“Our new home is closer to our son’s school, closer to our daughter’s nursery, is walking distance from town and has a garden. Along with an extra bedroom, a separate sitting room and a much bigger kitchen. For the first time in five years, we’ll be able to have a proper Christmas dinner together at a table. We’re going to get to enjoy a much more normal life from here onwards, and my husband might even be able to have time to start a new job before too much longer.”

The B. family is now starting the process of unloading their belongings, painting and then decorating their home for Christmas!

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