Environmental sustainability

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business and the way we deliver new homes and services.

Our customers and the communities where we work expect that organisations will actively seek to reduce environmental harms and promote positive ways to improve environmental sustainability.

Our strategy sets out how we will do this in a purposeful way, using the resources we have available to meet our goals, including to become a net zero carbon business.

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The three core objectives of our environmental sustainability strategy are to:

Plus Plus Reduce our contribution to and prepare for climate change

Emissions from homes make up one of the largest contributions to climate change, mainly from gas boilers used for heating and hot water. Over the strategy period, we will need to upgrade our existing homes to meet developing government standards. We will monitor our progress each year towards our target of improving rented properties to an average of EPC Band C or above.

As well as managing carbon emissions, we need to acknowledge and prepare for climate change. To do so, we need to ensure our existing homes and new homes we develop are more resilient to extreme weather, such as flooding and overheating.

Plus Plus Promote biodiversity and limit pollution from our activities

Biodiversity matters because it supports the vital benefits of the natural environment, for the health and wellbeing of our customers and for the wider environment through the removal of greenhouse gases. Our contribution will include plans to enhance biodiversity throughout our green spaces, including the use of tree management strategies.

We will support local authorities in the areas where we work to implement proposals aimed at reducing air congestion and improving air quality. We will also continue to consider and mitigate risks from the use of pollutants or materials containing pollutants within our supply chain.

Plus Plus Throw away less and use resources responsibly

There is an increasing focus on the detrimental environmental impact of waste from single use plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. We will work with our supply chain to continually improve the sustainability of the materials, goods and services we use. This includes amending our procurement processes to include questions related to environmental performance.

Assessing our current waste management and disposal arrangements for both corporate and operation waste will help us to develop a plan to reduce and eventually send zero waste to landfill.

We will also look at ways we can help residents to reduce their water consumption.

Our targets include:

How we're doing so far

Plus Plus Our progress against this strategy

During the first year of the strategy, Paradigm’s Executive Board established an Environmental Sustainability Board comprising senior managers and subject matter experts from across all areas of the business to coordinate and oversee work to deliver the strategic objectives.

By March 2023, the group established:

  • A clear position on waste management with agreed, but challenging targets, to reduce operational waste to landfill to zero over the strategy period
  • A policy and workplan on biodiversity to ensure that we have effective arrangements for monitoring, reporting, and managing activities on our property so as to enhance biodiversity, using established measures
  • Reviewed our largest suppliers and developed a sustainability toolkit to embed environmental performance in procurement for our largest contracts from 2023/24.
  • An approach for assessing climate change adaptation risk for existing properties for regular review.
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