Making our website more accessible for everyone

Posted on the 25th October 2023

We have added a new feature to our website to make it easier for you to use. The new accessibility toolbar means you can: 

  • Translate the content into the language you prefer – there are more than 100 to choose from 
  • Use the tool to read the screen out loud to you – again in the language of your choice. Click on or select any text to hear it read aloud 
  • Change the font the website is displayed in. This will help if you struggle with reading words on a screen for any reason, such as dyslexia. You can use the Simplify Page button on the toolbar to access a range of different fonts and remove any other distractions from the page.   
  • Easily make the text bigger 
  • Reduce glare with a tinted mask 
  • Use the picture dictionary to display pictures related to text selected on the page 
  • Convert selected text into an MP3 audio file. 

You can now try the toolbar for yourself.  You will see on the bottom right-hand side of this page an orange button with a man in the centre – one click of this button will launch the toolbar, which will appear at the top of the page. If you hover over the icons, it will explain what each one does. 

 An orange circle with a white stick figure in the centre

“We want to make sure everyone has equal access to our services,” says Hannah Manyewu, Executive Director – Customer. “I’m really pleased we have launched this new software which demonstrates our commitment to equality and diversity. 

“We’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know how you get on with the new feature by emailing 

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