Applications now closed – Resident Services Panel Members

Posted on the 30th August 2023

The Resident Services Panel is a team of customers, which reflects the diversity and equality in gender, ethnic and cultural backgrounds of all Paradigm’s customers. We collaboratively scrutinise performance, policies, processes, and delivery of services, and hold them to high standards.

We challenge Paradigm to achieve higher targets and standards in areas like communication, consultation, repairs and service delivery to all tenants and residents, to ensure value for money and to improve Paradigm’s standards as a housing provider.

We have room for more members to join us, and we would love you to consider becoming a member of the RSP. You will be given the right training, equipment, and incentives to help you become an effective member.

It is challenging but rewarding!

George Assibey – Chair, RSP


More information:

Location: Working from home/ Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire

Incentive: £500.00 per annum

The candidate:

You must be a current resident of Paradigm Housing over the age of 18 (tenants, shared owners and leaseholders welcome) any applications from non-residents cannot be considered.

No prior experience of being on a committee is required, simply having a genuine interest in working together to bring about improvements will be advantageous. We are looking for residents with the following qualities:

  • the ability to work as part of a group to solve problems.
  • the ability to build strong working relationships.
  • share ideas and give constructive feedback which benefits all, rather than focus on personal opinions.

This is a great opportunity to join us at a time when you can have a real and personal impact on the future success of our business. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their demonstrated abilities.

Applications are now closed.

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