Listening and acting on your feedback

We carry out regular telephone and email surveys and use all your feedback to improve our services and welcome your comments, both good and not so good!

We have a clear complaints procedure and our Customer Resolution team make sure your issues are dealt with efficiently and that we learn from your experience.

We regularly review your feedback and make changes. Take a look at some examples below:

You said, we did graphic

Plus Plus You said parking was a problem at Applefield

We introduced parking permits.

Plus Plus You said the bins were dirty at The Hawthornes

We increased the frequency of bin cleaning to three times a year.

Plus Plus You said you were worried about security in your car parks

We fitted new security lights in the car parks we had heard concerns about.

Plus Plus You said communication wasn't good enough when you reported a defect

We have established a dynamic Aftercare team dedicated to improving communication and ensuring you are satisfied with how we resolve defects. This specialised team proactively collaborates with our developers and consistently follows up with customers to confirm that the defect repairs meet their expectations.