Repairs for those with a new model lease

From January 2024, we have started offering a new model for homeownership to some properties. One of the new benefits of that lease is an Essential Repairs Allowance. You can find out more about that allowance below:

Claiming for essential repairs using your allowance

If you are a shared owner with a new model lease, you have an annual allowance of £500 to carry out essential repairs to your home.

You can claim up to £500 per year for 10 years. Allowances will be rolled over for one year and the period ends 10 years from the start of your lease.

You can’t claim for all repairs, just some,  and you will need to seek Paradigm’s permission before arranging the repair.

One more thing to note – you must use a TrustMark-approved contractor to do the essential repairs.


How do I know if I can make a claim?

If you are a shared owner with a new type of lease you will have the allowance and may be able to make a claim, if your repair is eligible.  Check your lease to find out (you should look for “Initial Repairs Period”) or ask a member of the Homeownership team by emailing

You will not have this allowance if you are a Paradigm customer and your lease started before January 2024.


What repairs can I claim for?

You can claim up to £500 a year to cover repairing, replacing (if faulty) and maintaining fixtures and fittings including sinks, baths, pipes, boilers and radiators.

It does not include:

  • installing other fixtures such as kitchen cabinets
  • furnishings like beds or sofas
  • installing appliances such as ovens or washing machines
  • repairs covered by the building warranty or any other guarantee (including defects liability and insurance)
  • repairs where damage was caused on purpose or there is a breach of your lease
  • routine safety checks such as boiler servicing
  • repairs where you have not arranged routine servicing or maintenance, such as boiler servicing
  • DIY or decorating
  • making improvements or refurbishments
  • works carried out by a non-Trustmark approved tradesperson

How much can I claim?

You can claim up to £500 per year for 10 years from the start date of your lease.

If you don’t use your allowance, Paradigm will roll it over for 12 months. After 12 months, it will expire. The Initial Repairs Period ends 10 years from the lease date so the final year’s allowance will not roll over.

Here is an example of how the allowance rolls over:

Year Essential Repairs Allowance Eligible Repairs Claimed for Amount to be rolled over to next year
Year 1 £500 £0 £500
Year 2 £1000 (£500+£500) £750 £250
Year 3 £750 (£500+£250) £0 £500


How can I make a claim?

  1. Make an application to carry out an essential repair (this must be made before the repair is carried out). You’ll need to include details of the tradesperson and photographs of the damage or issue. You can do this online using this form.
  1. We will respond within 7 days to approve or reject your application
  2. Arrange and pay for the repair – you must use a TrustMark-approved tradesperson. Make sure you keep the invoice/receipt and take photos of the completed repair as you’ll need those when claiming a refund. Here is a link to the TrustMark website to check:
  3. Claim your allowance using this form, you will need a copy of the invoice and photographs showing the repair has been done. You need to claim within 28 days of the repair being completed. As long as it is the repair which we approved, we will refund you via BACS within 21 days. If it is rejected we will write to you to explain why.

Who can I contact at Paradigm about essential repairs claims?

Please contact a member of the Homeownership Team who will be able to help you via

What if you aren’t happy with our response?

If we reject a claim or you are unhappy with our response you can use our complaints process to make a complaint.