Repairs: who is responsible?

Remember that this is just general advice and your lease will give specific details of your repair responsibilities and your contribution towards the costs of communal repairs. Generally, you are responsible for all repairs inside your home and we’ll look after the shared areas.

When the builders hand over new homes to us there’s usually a ‘defect period’. This means the developer will fix internal issues – like hot water not working or doors jamming – for you. After a certain time, these issues become your responsibility, unless they’re covered under your service charge.

All our new homes also have a 10-year warranty for major structural faults.

Some examples of what you are responsible for include:

  • repairing or replacing the bath, basin, sink, taps or toilet
  • rewiring in your flat
  • floorboards and floor tiles
  • windows in your flat
  • doors inside your flat

We will repair or replace:

  • shared water tanks
  • windows in shared areas
  • doors in shared areas.

We have produced some useful DIY repairs videos to help you with everyday jobs in your home.