Our Resident Services Panel report for 2020/21

Posted on the 4th October 2021

“Welcome to our Resident Services Panel report for 2020/21. I hope you will find our report useful, informative and insightful.

I wish to encourage all customers to get involved and engage with Paradigm.

We have vacancies on the Resident Services Panel and I invite you to come on board by speaking to the Customer Experience and Involvement team today. Happy Reading!”

G.O. Assibey,
Chair, RSP

Click here to read the full report.

The Resident Services Panel focussed on three key areas this year:

  • How customers’ requests are booked in and prioritised
  • How complaints are received and managed
  • Paradigm’s repairs standards and policies and how customers with particular needs or vulnerabilities are managed.

The Panel have influenced areas including repairs booking, and communication with customers regarding the backlog of repairs due to COVID.

Although COVID-19 restrictions have limited their meetings to Microsoft Teams, the Panel have made good strides in carrying out their objectives for the year.

They have particularly focused on Paradigm’s communication with customers. This is reflected in the key performance indicator (KPI) for “Paradigm keeps me informed about things which may affect me as a resident” which has risen from 72% in 2019/20 to 79% in 2020/21.

Hannah Manyewu, Director of Customer, said; “The Resident Services Panel are a vital part of how customers scrutinise services and help to inform how we continuously improve them. They play an invaluable role in analysing performance in areas that matter to customers. We really appreciate their time and commitment, and despite the challenges presented by COVID they have had a successful year.”

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