Aids and Adaptations

All aids and adaptations are intended to help you stay in your home and lead as independent a life as possible. We understand that every situation is unique and we tailor our approach to meet your individual needs.

Fitting aids and adaptations can mean either minor or major work to your home. Minor work includes things that can be done quickly and simply without disruption to your lifestyle and routine. In some cases you may be able to do this yourself. Major work takes longer, is more expensive and is likely to cause some disruption so it needs to be carefully planned.

Plus Plus Minor aids and adaptations

Minor aids and adaptations include:

  • handles
  • rails
  • banisters
  • poles
  • steps
  • lever taps
  • smoke alarms
  • WC paddle levers

If you think that your needs fall into this category, you can contact us and ask for help with aids and adaptations. Our Disabled Facilities Officer may visit you and arrange minor work directly.

Plus Plus Major aids and adaptations

Major aids and adaptations include:

  • ramps
  • stair-lifts
  • bathroom-shower conversions
  • door widening
  • improvements to access
  • drop-down kerbs

If you need a major adaptation, we will support you to access the relevant Occupational Therapy department in your county, borough or district. Occupational Therapists (OTs) may then assess your needs in accordance with the Department of Health’s ‘Fair Access to Care Services’ criteria.

Plus Plus How is it paid for?

If major work is required you may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant from your district or borough council. Your Occupational Therapist can support you with your application.

Where Paradigm is carrying out improvement work in your home, e.g. a new kitchen, and you need adaptations, it is sometimes possible to fit aids and adaptations without a Disabled Facilities Grant, for example, if you need to have the height of kitchen work surfaces changed. In these situations the Disabled Facilities Officer can discuss your options with you and if necessary obtain advice from a surveyor or Occupational Therapist.

Plus Plus How Paradigm can help

You can expect us to:

  • assess your requirements and, if necessary, visit you within ten working days
  • deliver minor adaptations within 20 working days. These may include hand rails, grab rails, steps, lever taps, banisters and smoke alarms for tenants who are hard of hearing
  • help you get an assessment from an OT for the best solution if major work is needed
  • provide support and advice throughout the process whenever Disabled Facilities Grant work is undertaken by your local council
  • ensure that all making good is completed by us or the local authority where Disabled Facilities Grant work is carried out
  • provide a named contact during the process of providing aids and adaptations
  • give you advice in dealing with other agencies
  • consider individual needs when carrying out investment work on our properties
  • keep you informed throughout the process of implementing an aid or adaptation

Where aids and adaptations cannot be provided, e.g. it’s not feasible to provide a new bathroom, downstairs toilet, etc., due to cost or loss of un-adapted accommodation, the Disabled Facilities Officer can meet you to discuss other options.

Our Disabled Facilities Officer can help you by providing information about services, co-ordinate adaptation work and represent you to your local council.

Contact us  to request help with aids and adaptations.

If you are affected by physical or sensory disabilities, the Disabled Facilities Officer will use appropriate means of communication, and where necessary will visit you at home.