Our repairs offer

The government’s Decent Homes Standard sets out the conditions which all housing association homes have to meet. In 2021/22, 99.5% of our homes met this standard.

A home is classified as decent if it:

• Meets the current statutory minimum standard for housing,
• Is in a reasonable state of repair,
• Has reasonably modern facilities and services, and
• Provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort.

The standard is, however, a minimum standard and has limitations, for example around environmental works and energy efficiency. We aim to exceed this standard with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and warmer homes.

There are two main ways we look after your home to make sure it is kept in a good condition and meets your expectations:

Plus Plus Planned maintenance and improvements

We have a programme of planned maintenance and improvements.

From time to time, we carry out surveys so that we have a record of the condition of your home and can plan any improvements needed.

There are two types of planned maintenance:

Work that needs to be done every year

• Servicing any gas central heating boiler or fire in your home (this is a legal requirement).
• Servicing gas appliances that we have provided.

Maintenance work which needs to be carried out less frequently (planned improvements)

• Replacing the kitchen – every 20 years
• Replacing bathrooms – 30 years
• External dwelling decorations – 7 years
• External/internal block decorations – 7 years
• Replacing roofs – 70 years
• Replacing windows and doors – 30 years

We are continually looking to improve our homes to achieve modern standards for our customers and ensure that properties comply with regulatory and statutory requirements.

Plus Plus Reactive repairs

We’re committed to delivering a high-quality, modern and effective repairs service and to provide homes that are comfortable, maintained and safe for people to live in.

You should report repairs that are our responsibility as soon as you can. Visit this page for guidance on who is responsible for your repair.

Repairs are classified into three categories:

Emergency repairs
This is where there is a risk to the health, safety or security of homes, customers or any other person. Emergency repairs will be responded to and made safe within 24 hours.
Where possible a full repair will be carried out. In some cases we may make safe and arrange another appointment to complete the repair.

Urgent repairs
Urgent repairs are completed within an average of 15 working days from the time a repair is reported to the completion of the work, or at the customer’s convenience.

Routine (non-urgent) repairs
These will be carried out within 60 working days, except where specialist materials and/ or equipment are needed, when it may take longer.