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Plus Plus Dog barking

We want everyone to enjoy living in their home, and we would ask all our customers to be considerate of others. If a neighbour’s pet is causing issues, we would suggest you have a friendly word with them, as they may not be aware their pet is causing issues for you.

Animal noise is only considered to be anti-social behaviour if it is continuous and excessive, occurring at unsociable hours over a prolonged period of time. If it is persistent you should:

  • Contact your Customer and Neighbourhood Officer as they may need to carry out a review of the disturbances you are experiencing.
  • Keep records of the dates and times you are experiencing the noise from the animals.
  • Provide recordings of the noise you are experiencing by using a system called the Noise App. This is a secure system that will provide evidence of the noise you are hearing and allow us to assess whether the noise is excessive.
  • Keep diary logs of the disturbances caused by the pets.

If you still feel you are being disturbed, you may wish to contact the local Environmental Health Officer. Should they take enforcement action, we will use this as evidence against the perpetrator if appropriate.

Plus Plus Dangerous dogs

It is against the law if a dog is dangerous and out of control anywhere – whether this is in a public place, a neighbours garden or even in your own home. 

If you fear your safety, please get in touch with the police immediately or report the dangerous dog.

Once you have reported it to the police, please contact us by phone on 0300 303 1010 with the incident report number and the officer’s name so we can make contact with them and work with them and agree the next steps with you and the police.

Plus Plus Dog fouling

If you own or are in charge of a dog, you have to clear up their fouling in any public space. Dog owners can be given an on-the-spot fine if they do not clear up after their dog. The amount varies from council to council. It’s often £50 and can be as much as £80.

Try speaking to your neighbour to make them aware of their responsibility. If you have tried speaking to them or do not feel able to, you can make a report:

  • If the offence took place on our land, please contact us. Once we receive your report, we will make contact with your neighbour.
  • If the offence took place in a public area such as a pavement or park, please contact the Local Authority who will make contact with your neighbour and possibly issue a fine if you are able to provide them with sufficient evidence.

Plus Plus Other pet issues

If you believe that an animal is being mistreated or neglected you should contact the RSPCA in the first instance or, the police if the situation is serious and immediate.

Strong pet smells should be reported to your Customer and Neighbourhood Officer on 0300 303 1010. The Customer and Neighbourhood Officer may speak to your neighbour.

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